Education activities

SUEZ Surrey actively supports learning about the waste we generate, how it is processed and how we can learn to put waste to good use.

Eco Park education centre

Our Eco Park development near Shepperton will include an education centre to help people understand about the gasification and anaerobic digestion treatment processes, but also about the wider waste industry and our environment. Visit the Eco Park website to find out more

Community recycling centre tours

We also welcome requests from schools or community groups for tours of our community recycling centres, where we can explain why everyone should separate their waste and what happens to all the different types or recyclable materials.

In the last few years, we’ve hosted a number of visits to our sites from local scouting groups, and also small groups from schools.

Requests for materials

We regularly provide materials for school projects to be re-purposed. For example, we provided a bicycle and spare parts to Hall Grove School for an engineering project to create an energy-generating bike.

We also supported students from Woodfield school with the upcycling module of their Design and Technology course by providing them with old chairs and other items from our Revive re-use shops.

Please don’t try to take items from site without prior permission. Please contact us if you would like to request items for a project.

Adult learning

It’s not just about educating children! Increasingly adults are interested in the waste industry and what to find out more about what happens to the waste they generate. We welcome enquiries from groups interested in hearing more about what we do.

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